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Quality Blankets And Curtains Matter

When it comes to keeping workers and even the environment safe, all of the latest features will matter. Industrial blankets and curtains have been an important part of this for years, and we believe in offering our customers the absolute best in the industry.

Industrial and welding curtains are constructed to stand up against heat, and are flame retardant as well. They’re usually designed with a thick vinyl coating on the outside that will prevent fire damage from occurring, and are available in a huge selection of sizes.

Similarly, industrial blankets offer protection for the environment or for employees by protecting against things like sound, heat, chemicals, and more. They’re similar to industrial curtains, but are often larger and generally more varied in terms of what they are used for.

Both are viable options when you need protection in any industry, and as a result they are regularly purchased and used by a variety of companies and organizations.

We’re proud to offer a full range of options, and finding the one that matches your needs is usually a fairly simple matter once you know what to look for.

We carry a wide range of industrial and insulating blankets. Industrial blankets are constructed of numerous materials including foam, fiberglass, metal laminate, and more.

Protective blankets are placed to contain heat and cold and to help shield the outside world from the loud noises of factories and machinery.

Insulating blankets are available as well that can be utilized on reactors, cooling and heating units, and more. The key to finding the right blanket is to identify your specific need and find one that matches.

Industrial and welding curtains are both available, and each one offers different its own benefits and uses. Welding curtains today are much lighter than before, and are generally used by plants when repairs are needed inside since they can block and shield the area from any sparks or heat.

Industrial curtains can shield against noise, smoke, chemical vapors, heat, and more. Made from materials like PVC, vinyl, and more, they have numerous options.

Our experienced team can help provide you with the solution you need. Our industrial blankets can even be purchased on bulk rolls, and we can help evaluate your specific needs and guide you towards the right industrial blanket or curtain for you.

Safety matters, and our protective materials can help keep any team safe, no matter the situation.

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