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Flexitallic Gaskets

Flexitallic gaskets are rated top grade by industry professionals for affording superior performance under high pressure and high temperature conditions.

Along with maintenance of compression factors, Flexitallic exchanger gaskets are also designed to have a higher resistance to corrosion, with different amalgamations and designs which accommodate a number of acid, alkali, and gaseous substances. Graphite and carbon steel construction offer durability and safety, while color coding on the exterior rings let the gaskets be easily identified by type.

Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets can be used for flanged or flat faces, and are designed to incorporate blowout resistance for added safety. All Flexitalic spiral wound gaskets include in interior graphite ring for precision seating and an optimal seal, regardless of imperfections in the joined fittings.

Flexitallic Change(TM) Gaskets are specific for use with heat exchangers, with a unique design that allows for stronger and more durable seals. The trademarked Flexitallic fabrication utilizes a thicker metal for the inner spiral winding, so that the single gasket can replace the use of double jacketed gaskets and cut down on replacements. Flexitallic change gaskets are fabricated in a single piece, which also increases the ease of installation. As with all Flexitallic products, they are highly resistant to corrosion and adaptable to pressure and temperature changes.

Flexitallic Kammprofile Gaskets are engineered as flat gaskets for added strength, but include high compression rates for tighter seals. This offers the ability to lock in the same manner as a spiral wound gasket, but with better ease of handling.



All Flexitallic gaskets can be specified by class rating, size, shape, and application. These gaskets are expertly engineered to reduce repair and failure, and are widely used in refining, nuclear power, and chemical processing industries where safety is a necessity. Different styles and ratings make them highly applicable for industrial use where temperature and pressure fluctuations can affect joining. At Eastex Rubber, we can assist our clients in finding the proper gaskets to meet their needs.



All Flexitallic gaskets are considered to be the highest quality for industrial applications, and Eastex Rubber keeps a plentiful stock over a range of ratings and sizes. This means that clients can immediately have access to the parts they need. We also partner with the manufacturer when it comes to ordering specialty gaskets, so that replacements will be on hand as soon as possible.



These gaskets start at a class 150 service, with specialty models for wider temperature ranges. They are available in round and oval formation, depending on application. Whether your needs for Flexitallic spiral wound gaskets include heat exchangers, manholes, or boilers with high pressure and high temperatures, you can trust that Eastex Rubber will aid you in evaluating ratings to ensure that your work environment is safe and running efficiently.

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