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Buying Hoses And Fittings With Confidence Is Easy

We understand that today’s industrial materials can be an expensive investment for your company. Even something as seemingly simple as hoses or fittings can often become difficult to buy when you need the kind of quality, durability, and performance that you deserve.

That’s why we put forth so much effort towards making sure that our customers are completely satisfied when they purchase hoses or fittings from us.

Our full scale fabrication and production warehouse allows us to match almost any need, and we also partner with a variety of different organizations to get the kind of specialty products you might need. Our team handles crimping for all fittings while our welding shop is ready to fabricate the metal hose that you might need.

We carry a full range of metal, rubber, and other material-based hose and fittings, and pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with exactly what they want or need at any given moment.

Simply put, if you need fittings or hose of any kind, we’re ready to help.

Our selection is built around our ability to accommodate customers and clients who need metal hoses. Our welder is fully ASME certified and specializes in hoses, with the highest quality training in delivering precision results to the industry.

We can create any length or shape of metal hose that you might need here on site and give you the perfect fittings for that hose. We’ll get your machinery back up and running fast.

We can also offer crimping for any custom or standard fitting and ensure that your seal is strong.



We also work with Goodyear, Hosemaster, and other organizations to provide our customers with the highest quality items out there. Our fabrication system meets all of the standards of our partners, and we can handle modification and fabrication of their products.

Additionally, our team can order the specialty parts and components that are difficult to locate, getting your machinery back in working order quickly.



We believe in making sure that our clients are fully satisfied, and our staff works hard to make sure that the tiniest detail of any custom fabrication is met.

We work with you to determine exactly what you need, and then we work hard to provide it to you. In doing so, we’re able to deliver the fittings and hoses needed no matter how difficult the job. Your satisfaction matters to us.

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