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Hosemaster‘s innovative metal hose and expander junction designs can create flow systems that perfectly fit the environment they are needed in. While some of the components offer a drop in option, hoses that need to be sealed tightly to prevent fluid or gas leakage should be welded into place for greater safety and efficiency.

Along with supplying these parts, Eastex Rubber is also able to accommodate clients in securing their metal hose systems for use. Our Hosemaster Certified Welder has undergone industry and proprietary training to achieve precision work that holds up to company standards.

Along with ASME certification, our welder has also been trained in the specific procedures that create the bonded coupling for Hosemaster metal hoses and joinings. This requires approval from Hosemaster and rigorous testing on order to gain the certification.

Goodyear/Contitech hoses and assemblages are also well rated, and require similar proprietary training in order to modify units. At Eastex Rubber, we are not only equipped with the parts that our clients need, but also with the experience to customize them to any type of need.

Customer Satisfaction


Along with making sure that customers of Eastex Rubber are able to obtain the proper Hosemaster or Goodyear/Contitech hoses that they require, our certified staff also pays attention to the details of custom fabrications. The result is that our clients are able to have peace of mind that the proper method has been employed to create the seals.

Service Quality


At Eastex Rubber, our in house fabrication and plastic welding services ensure that even the most specialized hydraulic array can be replaced with new fixtures that are assembled with precision and quality. Our workshop has the necessary tools to replicate the manufacturers work, and skilled fabricators have learned the process from the provider. To replicate the single unit aspect of Goodyear/Contitech hydraulic hoses and fittings, the materials need to be processed in such a way that the joint is seamless.

Valued Parts


Eastex Rubber supplies industrial needs for hoses, tubing, and fittings, which allows for companies to customize parts to their specific needs. When specialized designs and connections for hoses and fitting parts are also required, Eastex Rubber is able to offer greater customer service through our Hosemaster Certified Welder. Along with our welding expertise for metal hoses, Eastex Rubber is also trained in having Goodyear/Contitech domestic hydraulic hoses and fittings stocked and assembled onsite. We are able to crimp and plastic weld fittings as per factory specifications.

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