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Water Jet Cutting For Garlock Gylon

Garlock Gylon is one of the more popular gasket materials for plants that require custom sizing and diameters for hard to fit flanges.

Since Gylon is recommended for creating a strong seal regardless of pitting or imperfections on the flange surface, it is often chosen for replacement parts on both old and new equipment. Some plants find that gaskets for older machinery and joints are irregular in size, and this will require gaskets to be custom fabricated.

Eastex Rubber can water jet cut Garlock Gylon to meet any specifications that a client requires.

As Garlock Gylon types and grades are available in sheet form, this makes contouring the specific gaskets a valid option.

Orders for different sizes and diameters may be placed in bulk or in single replacement requests, and Eastex Rubber uses precision water jet cutting to generate the custom gaskets.

This technique for cutting Garlock Gylon gives clean edges and accuracy in size and shaping, which ensures that the custom cut gasket will meet the client’s specifications. As a result, Garlock Gylon gaskets that are tooled in this manner will give a high quality fit that is also durable and reliable for the reduction of seepage and leaks.

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Our water jet cutting services for Garlock Gylon gaskets allow us to ensure that clients get the proper parts for a new or existing set up. The high pressure streams also do away with any edge imperfections that can influence the gasket fit, and make sure that the Gylon is not warped or marred in any way.

Water jet cutting even allows us to fill orders for irregular shaped gaskets, since the form is not limited by die selections. This gives us the ability to ensure that all pieces are delivered to perfection.

State Of The Art Equipment


At Eastex Rubber, our process for water jet cutting is performed on state of the art machinery, which means that clients will get the most precise fit based on their specific requirements. We check all measurement before beginning the process and inspect for quality once the cutting is done. This allows us to ensure that each custom Gylon gasket meets expectations and will give the best performance.

Qualified Personnel


Our friendly staff at Eastex Rubber is happy to help clients with large and small orders for water jet cutting of Garlock Gylon gaskets. Our technicians have years of experience with this process, and also have a strong eye for detail. This means that clients will always be able to obtain the specific gaskets that they need.

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