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Garlock Gaskets

Garlock gaskets are proven leaders for environmentally friendly industrial products.

These gaskets are not only manufactured with high quality, non-toxic materials which can make them applicable for use with potable water systems, but they also integrate solvent free fabrication for a lower impact from manufacturing.

Garlock gaskets utilize a compressed fiber sheet and non-stick coating for flangeless gaskets in industries based on water and steam transport, containment of refrigerants, acids, and alkalis, pipe works for hydrocarbons, including oil, petroleum, and gasoline, and inert gases.

Eastex carries a number of styles are applicable for different temperature and pressure ratings, as well as food processing and pharmaceutical needs.

Garlock gaskets provide a versatile range of applications, dependent upon type and class series.

This includes Garlock Non-asbestos gaskets which can still withstand high temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

Therma-pur gaskets offer the added benefit of being strongly chemical resistant for industrial applications, but both the vegetable fiber and the inorganic fiber lines are also well rated for mild chemicals.

All lines are resistant to corrosion, although vegetable fiber gaskets are better suited to lower pressure applications. Garlock non-asbestos gaskets give a safe and reliable alternative for high heat resistance to wear and low transfer.



Eastex Rubber carries a full range of Garlock gaskets that can meet industry needs from the transport of corrosive and toxic substances to PTFE gaskets that uses several types of fillers for industry applications. Based in client expectations, Eastex is able to not only supply replacement Garlock gaskets, but can also help to recommend more innovative parts such as Garlock Gylon, which can reduce safety hazards and improve productivity. Garlock Gylon gaskets can be used in plants where harsher chemicals will dissolve glass fibers in fillers. These are also applicable for steam based piping, as well as for the food and pharmaceutical industry.



Gylon gaskets can be used with metallic and non-metallic fittings, and have no fluctuations from one side of the flat surface to the other. This means there is reduced creep and no loss of flow that can be common with PTFE gaskets. Eastex Rubber can also water jet cut Gylon gaskets for specific fabrication needs, which makes them easy to customize for size and diameter.



The manufacture process for Garlock Gylon parts employs the same environmentally conscious details in processing the PTFE gaskets. Garlock Gylon gaskets utilize exterior color coding for ease of identification and these items offer a strong seal for reduction of emissions or fluid loss. Eastex Rubber supplies clients with this top of the line parts for better production and a reduction in environmental impacts.

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