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Industrial Sewing

One of the more common services that we provide at Eastex Rubber is making partition rooms with industrial or insulating curtains.

These fabrics consist of thick layer of polyester or fiberglass batting, and usually have a solid vinyl or silicon top coat. Cutting the pieces to size can often be difficult task, and if it is not done properly it may destroy the fabric.

Our industrial sewing services can handle large tracks of this fabric through a conveyer process that feeds the pieces through a die cut machine in order to achieve precision edges. Once the curtains are sized to specifications, all open edges need to be sealed in order to prevent damage and ensure that the safety function of the construction is not lost. We then assemble the separate pieces, and join them through our industrial sewing process in order to create a partition shape. Further accessories such as grommets for hanging and latches for closing off openings are also applied. This is done in a manner that will allow the client to easily erect or disassemble the partitions as needed.

The result of using our industrial sewing services is that a custom space is created for the client. This may be a larger curtained space that spans from one wall to another, but is may also result in a free standing curtained room that occupies a corner of the plant.

By having industrial curtains customized, clients are able to gain effective protection with an efficient use of space.

Quality Control


Our machinery in the industrial sewing shop can also handle Teflon sheets, packing sheets, welding blankets, and insulating blankets to generate a specialized protective housing for a number of applications. This allows Eastex Rubber to perform industrial sewing for a number of client provisions. In industries where it is necessary to modulate heat in pipes and vats, we are able to construct an insulating housing that accommodates irregular shapes and sizes.

Selection Of Supplies


Insulating blankets are only one of the many products that may need to be sewn and crafted into specific configurations. Eastex Rubber is able to work with a number of materials that may need to be sewn specifically to the components they are protecting. We ensure that any type of custom insulating blanket is properly created for containing heat or cold, as this can avoid disruption of productivity that may occur from temperature fluctuations.

Customer Services


Along with materials that offer protective partitioning, Eastex Rubber is also able to help clients with industrial sewing for the custom creation of curtains and insulating blankets for any environment. This is applicable for any safety fabric that is needed and can allow industry workers to have an easy fix to environmental conditions.

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