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Industrial blankets are most commonly used as environmental protection and can be placed on walls and partitions in order to block sound, chemical emissions, and heat transfer.

This will keep surrounding areas to the plant protected, and is often necessitated by commercial conduct laws. Industrial blankets can be obtained in fiberglass or heat retardant foam, which may also include metal laminate in one side.

The decision of what type of industrial blanket is best suited to a factory will often be determined by where it is installed and what the intended outcome of usage is.

Foam and thick fiberglass industrial blankets can be used on interior and exterior walls, as well as ceilings. These give strong acoustic barriers for factories where the noise of machinery may be considered an environmental pollutant.

These blankets are also good for containing heat or cold within the commercial building, and should be used if temperature fluctuations can influence the plant operations.

Although industrial blankets may be used as insulation, insulating blankets have a more refined application. These products tend to be specially fabricated fiberglass with metal laminate that can be conformed around equipment and vats to offer greater safety within the work environment.

Insulating blankets are most often used on heating and cooling ducts, tanks, heat exchangers, and reactors.



The flexible fabric of the insulating blanket will be specially cut and fitted to the equipment in order to produce an ideal conformity that also helps to increase efficiency. Insulating blankets can wick moisture from condensation in order to ensure stable temperatures, and they are made from non-combustible materials for safety. The metal laminate backing gives further insulation through refection, and can also shield employees from possible emissions.


Eastex Rubber has both industrial and insulating blankets in bulk rolls with a selection of widths. Clients can order by the yard or have the fabric cut and sewn to comply with equipment dimensions. This allows for plants to maintain a more favorable environment for internal processing and for external protection.



While protective clothing is always a necessity in processing plants and refineries, equipment and buildings also require the safety of a buffer. Industrial and insulating blankets can help to protect the environment and also ensure that plants are up to code for municipal ordinates. Eastex Rubber has matting and blankets that can be custom cut and sewn to meet industrial needs.

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