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We Offer A Full Range Of Services

We serve a wide range of industries including nuclear, oilfield, chemical, refining, packaging, construction, transportation, and much more.

In doing so, we’ve found that offering the fullest possible range of services to our customers is important for making sure that we are able to deliver total customer satisfaction in everything that we do.

We’re a leading fabricator and distributor of numerous materials your company could need, and we believe in offering selection, quality, dependability, and service at its highest level. We can help you with your needs for things like gaskets, expansion joints, fittings, valves, pipe, hose, custom sewn goods, and much more.

Thanks to our unique setup that features a major fabrication warehouse as well as connections to numerous suppliers, we can help with metal, rubber, and composite supplies and get you the kind of results that your company deserves.

We pride ourselves on offering everything our clients need, and on delivering maximum customer satisfaction with every order. That’s why we’ve become a trusted company for countless clients.

We operate out of a large scale facility that includes our office, shop, and our warehouse facility. Inside the warehouse we handle production, fabrication, and assembly for our clients, and have a full range of capabilities that includes welding, sewing, belt fabrication, gasket fabrication, and more.

We can create hoses, expansion joints, fiberglass fabrics, and much more. Our team can custom-create industrial blankets and curtains as well, keeping your employees and the environment shielded from your work. Whether you need fabric, rubber, plastic, composite, or metal materials, our fabrication team can create it for you.

We’ve also partnered with the leading manufacturers of industrial goods in the country, and as a result we can deliver custom or specialty parts that aren’t normally easy to find. With affiliations with companies like JW Roberts, Garlock, Thermoid, Flexitallic, and Kuriyama, we’re proud of our ability to give our clients exactly what they need even if we aren’t fabricating it in-house for them.


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We understand that it’s not easy to know exactly what you need, and that’s why our experienced team works with you to identify your needs, find solutions, and get them. We help you select the proper materials for any situation and then get them to you.

Our customer satisfaction level is incredibly high, and by combining knowledge, skill, and innovation we’ve been able to assist countless clients with their needs.

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For high quality industrial static sealing products, use the company that’s been making industry easier since 1988. Call or email us to find out more about how we can help you.