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The majority of industrial curtains offer heat resistance and flame retardant action as the greatest benefit.

They are generally constructed with a vinyl outer coating that can contain flammable occurrences, and will include a thick polyester batting as the filling. Quality industrial curtains will also have antimicrobial abilities, and the density of the batting will determine the heat containment rating. Double walled batting is also available for extreme heat or cold conditions.

Industrial curtains have further application for chemical, smoke, and noise containment. These designs are generally constructed from a lightweight PVC and can include clear sections within the partition to allow for visibility in supervising a process.

Depending upon the industrial hazards that are present, lightweight or heat retardant industrial curtains can aid in safety and productivity.

Welding curtains have progressed from heavier oilskins to silicone coated fabrics that are heat and fire resistant. Inner layers of fiberglass offer further protection, and the lighter weight allows these welding curtains to be easily utilized if sudden repairs are necessary within the facility.

Many plants will invest in welding curtains as partitions in case of machine reconstruction, as it can allow for damages to be corrected with ease, while protecting surrounding areas from the hazardous sparks and molten metal.



Although some factories will invest in heavy batting industrial curtains for all their partition needs, welding curtains have greater stability for preventing fires and are made to contain sparks that could present a hazard to the environment. These devices tend to be lighter weight for easier installation and removal, especially in facilities where welding is not the main process. Assessing what type of curtains will be best for any facility is part of the Eastex customer care process, since we can evaluate your needs based on industry and accommodate through the highest quality curtains that will suit your process.



Within many factories and plants, the use of protective partitions is not only a commercial mandate, but is also a precaution to minimize loss time from injury or accident. Industrial curtains play a large part in industries where heat and chemical containment is necessary for proper and efficient functioning. These partitions can be hung as needed and block off large or small areas when specific activities require it.



One of the greater benefits of industrial curtains is that they allow for a constructive use of space without the need to build or demolish existing structures. These curtains can be fastened to ceilings and across walls in order to create a partition, and also be easily removed once processes are completed to move on to the next stage. This generates a cost effective way of using open spaces without the need for renovation. Eastex Rubber can customize curtain partitions that will best fit any industrial environment.

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