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Industrial Hoses

Many industries from chemical processing and refineries to food manufacturers and cosmetics supplier require tubing in order to efficiently run a factory.

The options for industrial hosing will vary based on the industry, as requirements such as pressure rating, temperature variables, and chemical resistance can determine the ideal hoses for the job. Many manufacturers specialize in certain industry types, and this can make the selection of the correct tubing a simpler task.

Goodyear/Contitech domestic tank truck and chemical hoses are top of the line for transportation of fuels or harsh liquids. For factories which deal with corrosive solvents, Goodyear/Contitech is a prime manufacturer for supplies, and Eastex Rubber carries a range of these products.

Plicord Fabchem is the main design of chemical transfer hoses that is available, with two different grades for conditions and fluid. The Plicord Purple is a transfer hose that is highly flexible and is able to handle chemicals, acids, and alcohol. The Plicord Brown can handle acid, salts, and petroleum.

Thermoid is also an innovative leader for chemical transfer hoses and has a line of products to deal with different solutions. The Commander style of hoses is rated for chemicals and acids with psi capability from 50 to 75. The Thermoid tank truck transfer hoses are well suited to cold weather conditions and provide good durability and suction grip.

JW Roberts and Kuriyama are leaders in suction and discharge hoses, and Eastex Rubber carries these supplies for our clients as well.

Expert Advice


With a wide range of applications for the many styles of industrial hoses, it can often be difficult to determine which model or manufacturer will best suit a client’s needs. Eastex Rubber has extensive experience in the uses and parameters of these parts and supplies, and is able to assist our clients with selection based on application. This allows us to help our customers get the safest choice of quality parts for better production efficiency.

Quality Guarantee


Since Eastex Rubber maintains a partnership with our manufacturers, we can also assure our customers that they are investing in top rated products which will enhance industrial performance. Regardless of whether the industry is agriculture, food, chemical, petroleum, or off-shore pumping, our clients can trust that they are getting the correct industrial hoses to meet their needs. This offers quality assurance in the supplies, but also in Eastex Rubber as the supplier.

Trained And Qualified Staff


The staff at Eastex Rubber is able to answer client questions, provide guidance, and assist in the selection and even ordering of industrial hoses. Our certified welders can perform in shop customizations for different arrays, and assure that our clients’ needs are completely met, down to the last detail.

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