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Hosemaster Expansion Joints

Hosemaster expansion joints are designed to provide engineers with the ability to construct, expand, and regulate the system they are building.

While Hosemaster metal hoses are fabricated to allow for easy connection, expansion joints can also serve to divert the flow of materials and to act as an end valve for a closed system. Designing fluid and gas conducting systems will often require creative use of expansion joints in order to produce a system that is both efficient and fits the parameters of the commercial space.

When using metal hosing as a conduit, the flexibility of the material can allow for a way of overcoming environmental obstacles while still enabling the processing system to function. In order to maintain the pressure within the hoses, expansion joints can also act as flow rate regulator, which can effectively help the gas or liquid to maintain speed and temperature.

Many Hosemaster expansion joints are connector pieces that may be specific to either the corrugated or stripwound hoses. Some of the many expansion joints that Eastex carries include unrestrained single, limited single, tied single, hinged single, and pressure balanced elbow joints. These can all improve efficiency of function based on the application, but Hosemaster quality and innovation offer our customers a wider choice for re-outfitting their processes.

Customer Centric Attention


While Eastex Rubber maintains a wide selection of Hosemaster expansion joints in our shop, we also work with customers to obtain specialty parts and to create more effective set-ups. Since Hosemaster expansion joints will also allow engineers to create a closed or semi closed system with cap pieces, this can result in better design options for the industrial applications. Eastex helps to guide our customers through the options, which can lead to better productivity.

Parts And Standards


Since Hosemaster uses strong standards and proprietary means to manufacture and upgrade all their parts, our clients can have the assurance that their expansion joints will hold up to diverse conditions and provide long lasting closures. Eastex Rubber firmly stands behind the quality that our partner manufacturers have to offer, and we pass this assurance to our clients.

In Shop Or On Order


Along with the wide selection of Hosemaster expansion joints that we carry in our shop, Eastex Rubber also guarantees our clients the ability to swiftly and easily order parts that will meet their needs. If we do not have the expansion joint in stock, we can obtain it directly from the manufacturer, for immediate dispersal.

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