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Teflon Products

Eastex Rubber offers a range of quality Teflon grades in a variety of forms that can fit any industry needs.

Teflon products offer the greatest resistance to chemicals and have a high innate purity.

While this is applicable to all forms of Teflon, virgin grade is superior in performance and ensures the least amount of chemical leaching possible. Teflon is also self-lubricating, which means that it can adapt for changes in pressure and movement within the mechanical system. This creates a strong buffer within fittings and reduces wear to both metal and plastic.

Teflon products are also able to withstand harsh environments without any degradation. It will not transfer heat, which can be important to the accuracy of fittings and to overall operation, but it also will not diminish with extreme cold. This ensures that flexibility will be maintained from -350° to 500° F, and this also means that cracking or melting will be avoided at intense temperatures.

Eastex Rubber is also able to supply clients with virgin Teflon sheet, which is FDA approved for use in cosmetic and food manufacturing, since the purity of this grade also means that there is no risk of emissions from the Teflon itself. In industries where consumer health is a concern, Teflon wear pads and fittings will extend the life of processing automations while still adhering to federal rules.



Eastex Rubber offers a number of Teflon products that can fit any industry need. O-rings, gaskets, and expansion joints can be purchased in standard and irregular sizes to allow for buffer and fit with joinery. Teflon wear pads, virgin sheet, and tape can all be customized for specific applications, and larger sizes may also be cut down for specific dimensions and use. We can help clients select the right grade of Teflon and the right Teflon product to meet industry needs.



Since Eastex Rubber also does industrial sewing in our shop, we are able to create custom Teflon components for our clients. This includes cutting and sewing virgin Teflon sheet, but also special ordering any irregular Teflon O-rings or other parts that may be needed to meet the customer’s requirements.



At Eastex Rubber, we also ensure that our virgin Teflon sheet complies with the most stringent of FDA standards. This will ensure safety in the client’s manufacturing business, and compliance with federal regulations. As a result, our customers have the assurance of strong value and reliability in all the Teflon products that we offer.

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