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At Eastex Rubber, we carry Flexitallic gaskets in a number of styles, including spiral wound and flat. These gaskets can accommodate class 150 through 1250 specifications and gaskets and sealants also come with the Flexitallic guarantee. This manufacturer ensures that fabrication engineers are ISO 9000 certified, and each part comes with certification documentation.

Eastex is an Allied Distributor for Flexitallic products which further raises client satisfaction and trust.

We also distribute Garlock gaskets and sealants, which not only give our customers great reliability, but also allow for use in health conscious environments. Garlock’s environmentally friendly practices and food grade safe products allow them to be used in pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as chemical processing and automotive industries.

Our affiliation with Goodyear lets our customers have a selection of hoses from one of the leading rubber fabricators. This includes PVC and plastic hoses and fittings, with gradings from food to chemical and welding applications.

Thermoid is one of the oldest national companies for the supply of rubber products and hoses, with parts that are utilized in automotive, aerospace, agricultural processing, and marine industries. Our selection of Thermoid hoses covers the range of product offerings, and gives customers a known and trusted brand for parts.

In Stock And Trusted Products


Eastex Rubber is affiliated with only the most respected manufacturers of industrial goods.

JW Roberts has over 40 years of experience in perfecting hose extrusion for use in a variety of industries. They are best known for customizable stock and the use of PVC, silicone, and plastics to accommodate a range of transfer objectives. Our supplies of JW Roberts hoses are ready to deliver for individual client needs.

We also carry Kuriyama hoses, which are known as leaders in iso-flex technology, and the use of metal, rubber, and thermoplastic for industrial and food grade conduits. This manufacturer has a strong national reputation that has been developed since the company inception in 1968.

Expert Connections


Along with our general stock of hoses and gaskets, Eastex Rubber has a qualified staff that is certified to aid customers with proprietary specialty fabrications. Hosemaster is best known for customizable metal hoses and expansion joints that meet customer specifications and supply durable, non-corrosive, and food grade tubing. We carry a number of sizes and grade ratings, but can also special order and reconfigure as per custom specs.

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Eastex Rubber carries a variety of parts and accessories for industrial fabrication, engineering, and refining, with supplier who are known as leaders in innovation and quality. Our large stock of inventory can be used to create customized orders for specific needs, and parts can also be special ordered through our manufacturers. This ensures that clients are not only receiving the best quality parts, but also the parts that suit their needs.

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